Due to the passing of our founder and general manager, we will no longer be accepting new clients.

About Us

Our world-class marketing and advertising services are anchored in decades of experience in service and manufacturing industries on three continents.

From our home office in Valdosta, GA, we serve a regional market in South Georgia and North Florida, as well as select clients nationwide.

We also serve international markets in Europe and Latin America, doing business in English, Spanish, and French.

BrandSouth has the services you need to personalize your branding, communicate effectively, and be a leader in your market.

Why BrandSouth?

    I want to refresh my brand

    I want to reach new customers

    I am starting or acquiring a new business

    I am promoting a new product or service

    I want to get ahead, and stay ahead, of my competition


    Our Approach

    We work to understand your business and your objectives before we begin work on ad campaigns, corporate branding, or any other project.

    With twenty years of experience in corporate strategy and general management for large and small companies, we're uniquely able to produce great results that work for your business.